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my date with the bishop's son...

so i ended up just going out for teryaki with my singles ward bishop's son. he's been home from his mission for about two months and he was afraid of women before he left and he's just the type of guy who wont ask a girl out. so i took it upon myself :)

we went out and had an awesome time. he was 15 minutes late getting to his house (i was waiting with his mom and grandma which was actually some what enjoyable) because he got a last minute call to go hometeaching. so i didn't mind his tardiness- it just proved what good guy he is, fulfilling his duty in the priesthood. so we went out and it was so nice. there wasn't one awkward moment of silence or anything. we laughed and ate and just had a good, wholesome time. it was an awesome evening. we can make each other laugh really easily and we both are kind of stubborn and witty.

so the next night is a 7 stake dance... only about 50-60 people showed up. it was so painful. it was like the worst dance senario you could cook up. but he was there. his name's Jordan by the way. and i was like "okay, i'm going to give him 30 minutes to come over and dance with me or i'm not pursuing him tonight". and after about 15 minutes, there was a slow song playing. and he makes his way all the way across the room, stops near me and my friends (we were standing and talking a little). he looks around nonchalently and then walks BACK ACROSS THE ROOM. i'm tearing my hair out at this point.

so we talked that night but didn't dance. bah.

anyway, i saw him on Sunday. i had decided the night before that i am not going to pursue him for the next date, he will pursue me!! because i've already made my move, the balls in his court. i had a brief meeting with the Bishop and he said that Jordan had a really nice time. Jordan said i was funny. then the bishop added, "that's his favorite thing to do- laugh" :) then he told me that Jordan has only asked two girls out before, for prom and a formal winter dance and that's only because he had to.

that kid is too shy.

so anyway, i saw him yesterday and i was like "oh Jordan, i had a really great time on thursday, here's my cell number, call me if you want to get together again" and he said "okay!" so i guess we'll see what happens.

sorry to pratle on like this, i'm just excited. i've never dated a member before (even though i've been one all my life) so i'm just pleased. more updates later on this hot pursuit!
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