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so i wanna do the duct tape prom thing, so i need to find an outgoing mormon boy to help me out up here in maine. AHHH! this stinks something aweful. oh, and you utah girls, please don't go stealing our boys out here. we have a very llimited supply and they are all falling for utah girls, and you guys have a new stake every block. we have 2 stakes in teh whole state! ah not fair. can i move out west with someone! lol. i'm kinda lacking in the mormon boy catergory. i don't have much time for any anyways. my senior year has yet to officially begin and i'm already going crazy. it's insane. i have to tell ya, scholarshipsare stressful. and college applications! don't get me started! SIGH!!!!!! ahhhh!

oh well. i'll look for someone to help me with the duct tape stuff... a bit of a "sticky situation" AHAHAHA! corny. i know.

what should i do, to find a guy to help me out?

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