£ĭßßŷ ĠяЇ₣₣Їōεђ (tonkatruck7) wrote in mormon_boys,
£ĭßßŷ ĠяЇ₣₣Їōεђ

wow, no one has updated for a while...

well, just recently i was able to hang out with one of my efy boys. i hadn't seen him for about 8 months and now that i've seen him again i sort of like him? i dunno if it's just gonna last for a little while but it's kinda confusing and what not. gah, boys just cause problems huh? anyways, he was going to go to utah for efy next year, but then he decided to go to ohio so he could see me again. i know i'll feel bad if i still dont like him by then, cause he really wanted to go to utah. what should i do if i dont feel like spending all my time with him at efy, cause he said he wants to be with me the ENTIRE time.

but like, efy isnt meant to be all about boys, and i wanan focus on having the spirit and what not too. i just dont know what to do. comments on my current situation are much appreciated.
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